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2013. ağustos 20.00:30
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Healthy family life is very much the focus of this spacious project which offers many social amenities including: Various gardens and picnic areas Designated barbecue area Special childrens activities Childrens club Play areas for under 5s Art, music and dance studios Indoor and outdoor swimming pools Cicycle and skateboard paths Games room Full concierge service Medical services Location Description Great location: Bahcelievler - approx 28km from Taksim and only 15 minutes to the Yeni Kapi Pier. Bahcelievler is served by Istanbuls new BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) and the Metrobus which was introduced to Istanbul in 2007, to complement the already popular underground system, the Metro. Each Metrobus has a capacity to carry around 200 passengers. The Metrobus line stretches almost 80kms and reaches all parts of the city, via the D100, Istanbuls main highway, thus, districts which before were on the outskirts of the City centre, now become much more accessible and therefore demand for properties in these areas is rising. By taking the Metrobus you can reach the city centre in only 15 minutes. Also very close to the E-5 and TEM highways.
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